My name is Debra Harrison. I am the founder of I have always been passionate about animals. As a child, I often enjoyed dressing up our family pets. This allowed me to express my creativity. As an adult I continued to expand my abilities; turning my hobby in to a business. I created my first dog wear clothing line in 2009. My own two dogs are used as my models and muses. At first, my friends and I would brainstorm to inspire new ideas. Together we create custom quality items, all handmade in the USA.        

The dog products we offer include: tutus, fleece coats, dresses, teeshirts, and fashion collars. We are proud to say we support, Be the difference spay and neuter foundation. All of our pieces are well made and affordable. You can contact us through our website or me personally at . We post descriptive pictures of our collections on our website.. Make your dog look and feel as cute as they are today! Your feedback, and support for our foundation means the world to us, as it allows us to be successful in serving you and supporting the animals we love. Thank you for taking the time to read about Cute Dog Wear by Debra’s Princess Designs!